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Vote YES ON L and join us in preserving and restoring Clear Lake, Lake County's most precious resource.

MeasureL will provide the reliable source of funding we need to protect thelake for future generations and create the conditions that will allowour whole community to thrive.

Passage of Measure L will provide the reliable source of funding we need to protect the lake from invasive species, reverse past abuses, cope with toxic, foul-smelling algae and nuisance weeds, and create the conditions that will allow our whole community to thrive.

Measure L will establish a county-wide half cent sales tax and use the money  to

  • continue existing programs to combat toxic, foul-smelling algae and nuisance aquatic weeds
  • strengthen our defenses  against invasive quagga mussels
  • fund the county's share of the Middle Creek wetland restoration project
  • conduct a number of specific projects designed to improve water quality
Every penny MUST be used for the purposes listed in the ballot measure, and unlike mostother sales taxes every penny will stay right here in Lake County. Transparency is assured by the creation of a citizens oversight committee that will review the expenditure plan in advance every year. The measure sunsets in ten years.
Measure L differs from Measure E, which narrowly failed to reach the necessary two thirds majority vote in November 2012, in three significant ways:
  • a detailed expenditure plan for the first two years is included in the ballot measure
  • projects must be reviewed  in advance by the oversight committee and Board of Supervisors
  • the oversight committee is now structured to include stakeholders from a wide variety of community organizations
Measure L will be good for our land, air, water and wildlife, good for our economy, and good for our people: please vote YES on Measure L on June 3.

What About Those Gates?

The Expenditure Plan in Measure L contains a proposal to erect mechanical gates on Clear Lake's public boat ramps. Some people think that the gates will be troublesome or won't work, and are concerned that the decision has been made without considering all options. But it's important to realize that the Oversight Committee and Board of Supervisors will review all spending proposals in advance, with plenty of opportunities for public participation. Until that happens, NO decisions are final. read more

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